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Opulent Aminos

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Soil Amending Ingredients


Get the most out of your plant growth with the best liquid fertilizer! 

Opulent Aminos is a pure L-Amino Acid liquid fertilizer.  Formulated for easy absorption by the plant, it allows for a quick response and maximization of growth since it is the best fertilizer for plant growth.   

  • Developed using only pure L-Amino Acids to allow your plants to thrive without effort
  • Biologically active and after applying fertilizer, it will easily be absorbed by plants
  • Formulated to provide the right amount of amino acids for your plant
  • Specifically formulated using amino acids that are beneficial for plant growth
  • Increases plant yield by making it easier for your plant to undergo the nitrogen cycle
  • Provides energy to carry out several important physiological processes in plants
  • Influences hormone and enzymatic functions, immune response and reproduction
  • Increases photosynthesis rate
  • May be used during all growth stages.