Are You Getting Enough Manganese in Your Diet?

Manganese is an essential mineral that the body uses to make energy and protect cells from damage. While the recommended daily amount the body needs is fairly low, and you can get it from the foods you eat, it’s the quality of the nutrient that matters most. Foods fortified with manganese and other essential vitamins do not provide the same high-quality nutrients that freshly grown produce gives your body. And when those fruits and vegetables are grown with Prevegenics’ Elite Manganese foliar fertilizer product, they are guaranteed to be the most nutrient-dense available.


Manganese for immune system

Manganese is needed for proper immune system functions and wound healing, with strong antioxidant properties that could help reduce the risk of some diseases. A study on free radicals and antioxidants in disease and health published in the International Journal of Biomedical Science discusses several mechanisms the human body has to counteract oxidative stress by producing antioxidants, which are either naturally produced or supplied through foods and supplements. Eating naturally grown foods high in manganese is the best way to get the quality nutrition you need.

Just a half cup of cooked spinach gives you 35% of your daily manganese needs and an equal amount of fresh, raw pineapple will give you the same. Some starches like potatoes, whole wheat bread and brown rice are great picks for higher manganese as well, along with legumes like chickpeas and peanuts and nuts like pecans and hazelnuts. If you are not able to eat some of these fresh foods, one cup of black tea has over 20% of your daily need.

vegetables rich in manganese

Plants need manganese to produce starches and chlorophyll. It’s also essential in cell division and elongation, photosynthesis, and the breakdown of nitrogen. Any fresh foods you eat that were grown using Prevegenics products will be the most nutrient-packed because the plants are strong and contain the optimal amount of essential nutrients needed to grow the best produce.

best fertilizer for plants

By applying Prevegenics’ Elite Manganese fertilizer, it increases the overall manganese levels and other nutritional values in the harvested produce. Farmers are able to easily and cost-effectively meet all the nutritional requirements of their crops during the entire growth cycle with the best fertilizer for plants, and best fertilizer for plant growth, Prevegenics’ foliar fertilizer products. When the plants have the right nutrition every step of the way, they are able to grow the best produce with maximum nutritional value. The fruits and vegetables grown with Elite Manganese will be packed with the most manganese for your health.

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