• 1. Replenish Soil with Good Microbes

    Conduit's first step involves infusing your soil with a blend of beneficial microbes. These tiny powerhouses are essential for soil health, aiding in nutrient recycling, enhancing root growth, and improving soil structure. They create a vibrant ecosystem beneath the surface, setting the stage for healthy plant development

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  • 2. Feed Microbes With Highly Available Micronutrients

    The second step, the most important is to feed the soil's microbial inhabitants with vital micronutrients. By adding HIGHLY available micronutrients to the soil, we ensure these microbes receive the nourishment they require.

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  • 3. Harvest and Enjoy

    The final step is the most rewarding—harvesting the fruits of your labor. With a solid foundation laid by Conduit, plants can flourish, producing vibrant flowers and bountiful yields. This step celebrates the enhanced health and vitality of your garden, a direct result of a well-nourished soil ecosystem

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The Science Behind Conduit

Conduit goes beyond traditional soil amendments by focusing on the soil's microbiome. This approach ensures long-term soil health, promotes sustainable gardening practices, and reduces the need for chemical interventions. By choosing Conduit, you're not just feeding your plants; you're nurturing an entire ecosystem.

How Does Conduit Impact Each Crop?