Calcium Plays a Key Role for Humans and Plants


Get nutrients to your body and your plants


Calcium plays an important role in the human body as well as in plant nutrition and growth. In the body, calcium is the most abundant mineral. A healthy intake is important to maintain bone health, with nearly 99% of the calcium in the body making up our bones and teeth. In plants, calcium is pivotal to crop development and cell wall formation.  


Calcium in the Body 

Calcium comes from dairy products, salmon, and vegetables like kale, broccoli and bok choy. Parents and advertisements harp on “drinking your milk” to get enough calcium for strong bones, but did you know all the other benefits a healthy calcium intake includes?  


Calcium is not only responsible for bone growth, but also maintaining that bone health as we grow older. It also helps to keep your muscles moving and the nerves in your body transmitting messages quickly and accurately to the brain. In a common Western diet, many foods irritate our digestive tract, which lowers the rate of absorption of calcium. Due to this, it may be necessary to consume even more calcium-rich foods to compensate. 


Calcium in Plants 

This mineral is vital to plant growth, but it can be hard to get. Calcium can only move up the plant from the soil, and cannot be moved to another part of the plant once it gets there. Once the soil supply is depleted, young developing tissues are severely limited and harmed, even causing death to growing points.  


Soil with a healthy amount of calcium irrigates water better than soil lacking calcium. Calcium displaces sodium in the soil, leading to an overall healthier growing environment. It also has an impact on the food once picked; produce grown in areas lacking calcium will rot and wilt faster in the grocery store.  



While nourishing our bodies and plants with enough calcium can seem like unrelated problems, the two go hand in hand. When we nourish our soil with a sufficient supply of calcium, this causes our plants to grow healthy and strong. Then plants pass this nutrition along to us, giving us that burst of calcium we need.  


Accomplishing this might seem difficult, but we make it easy with Certified Prevegenics nutritionals. Adding Certified Prevegenics products to the edible plants grown in your garden will provide more calcium to your family when you consume that produce, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

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