Common Mistakes to Avoid in Applying Lawn Fertilizers

Backyard lawn grass

Applying fertilizer to your lawn can be an essential part of keeping it looking healthy, lush, and green. However, many people end up making common mistakes that harm their lawns instead of helping them. Excessive fertilizer or the wrong type can cause short-term damage and long-term problems with your lawn - even killing off grass or plants.

As a gardener, farmer, homeowner, or landscaper, you want to ensure to get the best fertilizer and apply it properly so you avoid any costly mistakes. In this article, we will go over some common mistakes to avoid when applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Fertilizing Dormant Grass

Fertilizing during dormancy hinders growth, which defeats the purpose of applying fertilizer in the first place. During periods of dormancy, like cold winter months, grass does not require any feeding, so applying fertilizer at this time only serves to stimulate top growth and waste money on unnecessary input. Using it when the grass is actively growing is the ideal time since it promotes successful absorption that leads to a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Applying During the Heat of the Day

Extreme heat can cause the fertilizer to burn the grass, failing to land a beneficial environment much needed for healthy and green grass. Instead, fertilizer in cooler temperatures will result in optimal absorption of vital nutrients. Tasking needs not only to be done during early mornings but days when the weather permits for good fertilizer application, assisting with maintaining lush lawns all year long.

Not Watering Your Fertilizer In

One seemingly simple mistake often overlooked when applying fertilizer for lawns is not providing enough water for the fertilizer to absorb properly into the turf. This can be especially detrimental if the area experienced months of dry conditions or is still in the midst of a drought. Without enough water, the fertilizer won’t reach its intended destination, leading to your lawn missing out on all the benefits that a regular fertilizer-watering schedule provides.

Man watering green lawn

Additionally, applying fertilizer without proper hydration further risks potential damage to your turf as it can burn from applying chemical nutrients without applying adequate amounts of water – taking away from the positive effects of applying the best fertilizer for lawns.

Fertilizing Too Late in the Year

Late-season fertilization, applied after August 15th in many climates, should be avoided as it can cause an increase in top growth which may not harden off before winter, resulting in frost damage and weakening the root system. Late-season application also encourages lush vegetation that provides a breeding ground for pests and diseases which could damage your lawn.

Not Applying Evenly

Ensuring a lawn looks great requires regular maintenance, but one of the most common mistakes to avoid in applying fertilizer for lawns is applying it unevenly. Uneven application can damage grass and cause an uneven overall aesthetic. The best approach to applying fertilizer for lawns is to do so evenly, giving each area of the lawn an equal chance of getting essential nutrients instead of only favoring certain spots. Individuals should take the time to ensure each area gets the same amount of fertilization and other treatments.


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