Dietary Guidelines and What They Mean for You

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Through our lifespan, our daily nutrient requirements change. Following a healthy diet at every life stage is a great way to maintain good health and bodily functions, but there are many factors influencing diet decisions, including The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). This influential source details the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating, in a collaboration with USDA MyPlate, mutually releasing the guidelines for 2020-2025; helping Americans to make every bite count at every stage of life. For the first time, this update includes dietary recommendations for infants and toddlers too. 

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) is an industry organization that works to bring the fresh produce and floral supply chains together, globally. They are able to help their members grow by providing valuable connections and new business opportunities which can increase the consumption and sales of their fresh products. In 2020, PMA assembled a crew of industry stakeholders to review the Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and contribute written comments and advice to the USDA to be used in finalizing the 2020-2025 dietary guidelines. The results were a call for more attention to the importance of increasing fresh produce consumption across all age and socioeconomic groups, encouraging federal educational campaign efforts, and investing in effective intervention programs, all to promote the need for higher produce consumption in all diets. 

Together, the PMA, USDA MyPlate, and the new 2020-2025 DGA encourage all Americans to follow a healthy dietary pattern no matter what stage of life you’re in. Limiting foods and drinks that are high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats (including alcoholic beverages) is a great start. Personalizing your diet choices based on taste preferences, budget, and cultural considerations will help keep you on track. But Prevegenics has the best fertilizer for plant growth and knows that focusing on meeting your food group needs, like including many fresh, nutrient-dense foods, will carry you through to your goals of eating well.

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All fertilizers by Prevegenics are created to help farmers efficiently grow the healthiest plants in their fields. Applying our  fertilizers help plants grow the most nutrient-packed produce available. Prevegenics is joining the fight and working to keep Americans their healthiest through the best plant health by applying fertilizers. All produce grown with Prevegenics products are scientifically proven to have more essential nutrients than their traditionally grown rivals. Look for the Certified Prevegenics label to eat better and be healthier!

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