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Does Increasing Vitamin Intake Help Stack the Deck Against COVID?

There is no shortage of information out there regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and steps you can take to help prevent and maybe even treat it. Researchers are working tirelessly to decipher how this virus affects our bodies and how the health status of our bodies at the time of infection contributes to our ability to overcome this sickness.

fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin c

When people feel under the weather with maybe a headache or the sniffles, it’s common to reach for vitamin C tablets or zinc products to boost the immune system. There is an established benefit to these remedies, but do they work for coronavirus?

Observational studies have been ongoing during the pandemic to explore the possibilities of using specific vitamins and minerals to prevent or reduce the severity and length of COVID-19 symptoms. As with any research on such a new ailment, results are not conclusive. While some studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D could possibly increase the risk of contracting the virus, other studies suggest that treating COVID patients suffering from moderate to severe symptoms with vitamin D did not show a marked improvement in their recovery. In addition, some studies have explored how the levels of zinc in the body correlates to the severity of COVID symptoms experienced and the speed of recovery.

It’s been well established that zinc plays a major role in our ability to taste and smell in general. In fact, loss of taste and smell are good indications of a zinc deficiency in the body. Is it a coincidence, then, that many COVID patients experience a loss of these senses, as well? More research is needed to conclusively determine exactly how zinc affects this virus and whether there is any benefit to increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals we consume. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of incorporating zinc into your diet.

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