First Things First: Soil Preparation Is Key

The first step to getting your garden ready for a bountiful harvest is not planting the first seed. The efforts you put into getting the soil ready for new growth can make all the difference in the crop you receive. There are many different ways to get your soil ready for the growing season, but we’ll outline some of the best ones in this blog post. Prepare your backyard for springtime! 


Organic Matter 

The best way to nourish your soil is with organic matter. Organic matter decomposes in the soil and provides valuable nutrients that your seeds will need to grow. Your plants need nourishment from the soil to produce energy and fruit. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are all examples of macronutrients that can be supplied through the decomposition of organic matter.  


Materials to Use 

What exactly is organic matter? It’s a great way to fuel your garden for growth, but it can come from different sources. Organic fertilizers are a good option, and many of them contain remnants of animal waste and byproducts that can nourish the soil. Compost is another great option, and can be made in the comfort of your home. For more resources on getting started with composting, visit our blog 


Steps to Follow  

To prepare your soil for planting, first remove any debris or rocks from your beds. Loosen the soil so roots can reach down; this process also helps to aerate the soil and create pockets of air that microorganisms can use to help benefit plant growth. Add your organic matter, and for best results, mix it in. This especially helps to strengthen the soil if your backyard doesn’t have great soil to begin with, like silty or sandy soil. Doing this process in the springtime will help nutrients absorb into your soil, getting it ready for upcoming new growth. 


At Prevegenics, we’re proud to present products that nourish your soil for plant growth while working with existing soil traits. To learn more about our products, visit our website 

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