Get Rid of Weeds Without Adding Toxins to Your Yard

Weeds in your lawn aren’t just irritating, they’re also unsightly and deprive your lawn of valuable nutrients. Some may believe it’s impossible to control weed growth without using damaging toxins that could harm your lawn and the soil the grass is planted in, but that’s not the case anymore. There are several organic methods you can use to safely get rid of weeds. Read on to learn how. You can also learn more on our blog.


Preventative Measures

The first step to being rid of weeds is prevention. There are several organic and healthy methods you can use to stop the spread of weeds before they sprout. Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to prevent weeds is by ensuring you have a healthy, lush lawn. You can ensure your lawn is getting great nutrients by using an organic lawn fertilizer. Lush, thick lawns can choke out the weeds so they can’t grow or survive. If possible, an underground irrigation system is another great way to prevent weed growth, as these systems help nourish your lawn while depriving the weed seeds above from moisture.


Removing Weeds

Getting on your hands and knees and weeding by hand, or asking someone else to do this process for you, is one of the most effective ways to remove weeds organically. Ensure you’re pulling up by the root, and start early in the season. Make it a habit, and don’t wait too long between weeding sessions to avoid spread.


Alternative Methods

Some swear by a water and dish soap mixture they’ll spray on weeds, while others prefer vinegar mixtures. Organic pesticides are available, but make sure you read the directions and apply with care. Boiling water is another method to remove weeds organically. The possibilities are endless, ensuring you’ll find a method that works for you and your lawn without harmful chemicals.


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