Not All Zinc is Created Equal

Tree nuts like pecans, walnuts, and cashews are fantastic natural sources of zinc. They are packed with protein, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and tons of other nutrients, too. A recent study published by NCBI on the health benefits of consuming nuts suggests there are big benefits to your heart-related health. Epidemiologic studies have associated nut consumption with a lower incidence of heart disease in both men and women. Interventional studies have consistently shown that eating nuts helps to lower cholesterol, even in the context of healthy diets, and blood pressure is positively affected as well. Nuts are nutrient-rich foods with wide-ranging cardiovascular and metabolic benefits, which can be easily incorporated into healthy diets.

Other great plant food sources for zinc include pumpkin seeds, beans, and whole grains. The National Institute of Health lists the nutrient contents of a variety of foods containing zinc. While seafood and red meat provide more zinc per serving, vegan options like baked beans, pumpkin seeds, and chickpeas are high in zinc, too. Multiple studies describe phytates, which are present in whole-grain breads and legumes like beans, chickpeas, and lentils. They bind to zinc in the body inhibiting the absorption of zinc. This means the amount of zinc available for your body to use could be less than what is labeled in the nutritional contents for these foods. Regardless, plant-based foods are still great sources of zinc. 

Elite Zinc fertilizer

Not all zinc is created equal. Make sure to get yours from the most natural food sources. When Prevegenics Elite Zinc is used in the production of your foods, you can rest assured that you are getting the best, nutrient-dense products available by applying fertilizer for plant growth. 

best fertilizer for nut tress and other plants

Furthermore, zinc is essential for the regulation of growth in nut trees and other plants. It’s required for the formation of chlorophyll, some carbohydrates, and aids in converting starches to sugars. Often zinc deficiency in plants is expressed as chlorosis on the new leaves and necrotic spots on the leaf margins or tips. As fungal issues can cause similar necrotic symptoms, the most effective zinc applications for nut trees are early and frequent. That’s why food grown with Prevegenics Elite Zinc is the optimal choice and the best fertilizer for nut tress and other plants. Applying Elite Zinc fertilizer is a systemic zinc foliar fertilizer that quickly and safely corrects and prevents zinc deficiencies, providing you with the healthiest and most nutritious fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

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