Quick Tips to Get the Most Nutrients From Your Produce

When we incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains into our diet, we expect them to improve our health. Usually, we don’t worry that we’re not getting the most nutrients from these prime foods. In reality, some foods lack nutrients and are not as nutritious as they can potentially be because of poor growing practices. Other foods are more or less nutritious depending on whether they are consumed raw, cooked or processed. Several factors determine how nutritious your fruits and vegetables are by the time you actually eat them. Let’s look at some easy tips to be sure you are getting the most from your produce.

nutritious fruits

Many research studies prove that most produce will lose some significant nutrients once it is harvested. Because of the time it takes much of the produce at your local supermarket to get from the fields to the market, it’s definitely not as nutrient-dense as your local farm options. Today, there are many places to get super fresh, just-picked fruits and vegetables that will have the maximum amount of nutrients possible. Look for U-pick farms, local stands, and farmers’ markets in your area.

Be sure to store your produce properly right away because heat, light and oxygen will degrade nutrients. Most vegetables and berries should be stored in the refrigerator, while fruits can usually be stored at room temperature out of direct light. Foods high in water-soluble or heat-sensitive vitamins like B1, B5 and C should be eaten raw to get the most of these nutrients. These foods include broccoli, kale and spinach. Cooking foods like tomatoes, sweet potatoes and beans can increase the bioavailability of important nutrients, making it a healthier preparation method. It’s best to eat a variety of foods at every meal to get the best overall absorption. 

best fertilizers in the market

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Eating Prevegenics-grown produce is the best way to make sure you are getting the most nutrients to begin with. You can feel confident that even if your body doesn’t absorb all of the available nutrients, you will be getting more nutrients overall than the other produce options in your market can provide.

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