Solve Copper Deficiency in Your Plants

Learn how to tackle this problem and heal copper deficiency. 

Copper is an essential nutrient to your plants, meaning they need it to survive and thrive. It’s taken up through the water cycle, and plays an important role in photosynthesis and the production of proteins. Deficiencies in this mineral can show up as chlorosis (yellowing leaves), stunted flower and plant growth, decreased yields, and lower resistance to disease. It can be tricky to diagnose since these symptoms can also be signs of other deficiencies, and decreased copper uptake can be caused by many different minerals or occurrences happening in the soil. In today’s blog from Prevegenics, we’ll share how to get to the bottom of your soil deficiency. For more home gardening tips, visit our blog 


Check Your Soil pH 

If there’s sufficient copper in the soil, but the soil’s pH is off, your plants might not have access to those minerals. Most plants are happy at a soil pH around neutral. You can purchase home soil tests from your local gardening center. 


Improve the Setting 

Sometimes a lack of copper means you need more organic matter or sulfur in the soil. Adding compost can fix your copper deficiency, and mulching can help to keep good nutrients in the soil. Remove all surrounding dead or diseased plants to avoid contamination and toxins. Check out our liquid compost nutritional 


Consider Other Minerals 

Sometimes a lack of copper intake can be caused by low zinc, calcium or manganese levels. Increase these minerals to increase your copper uptake. We recommend a balanced fertilizer for an overall application.  


Know Your Area 

Is the soil in your region known to be copper deficient? You might need to add a supplement to work alongside a limited local supply in the soil. We’re happy to provide several varieties of nutritionals that include copper; you can view them on our online store 


Bring your plants out of copper deficiency with these tips. For all the best nutritionals for your gardening needs, visit our online Prevegenics shop 

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