Tips for Finding the Most Nutritional Produce

nutritional fruits and vegetables

Most of us struggle to get the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. That’s 1-2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables every day, according to USDA. How are you doing? Buying more produce, and a variety of it, seems like the best way to eat smarter. But in reality, we often find ourselves questioning which options are the healthiest, choosing items we’ve heard about but have never tried, and inevitably tossing out rotten produce we probably paid too much for. Having a successful produce shopping trip doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

Produce continues to slowly lose nutritional value once removed from the plant. Buying fresh-picked, in-season produce is always your best option for getting the most nutrient-packed foods. Often it comes from local farms, so not only is it cheaper, but the nutritional value will be higher because of its freshness. Farmer’s markets and local u-pick farms are great places to visit to be sure you are getting the most nutrient-dense foods available to you. Look for options with the bright orange Certified Prevegenics label to be sure your foods are the healthiest, most nutrient-dense available. Pick options you know you like so it’s an easy decision later. If your favorite fruits or vegetables are not available fresh, frozen options are a great alternative. Frozen produce is flash-frozen at peak freshness, so it is essentially just as nutritious, and you don’t have to worry about the spoilage or loss of nutrients during storage. 

Best fertilizer

The healthiest plants produce the most nutritious foods, Prevegenics provides the best fertilizer for vegetables and making sure help the plants grow healthy because it is also the best fertilizer for plant growth. There are so many factors that influence the growth of your fruits and vegetables, like soil conditions and farming practices that are out of your control, but applying our fertilizers will provide every nutrients your plants needs. Be sure essential nutrients are the top priority in your foods by looking for the Certified Prevegenics label on produce in markets near you. Take back your control with the Certified Prevegenics label, and know you are getting the most nutritious foods today. 

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