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Tips to Help Your Family Eat Better (And Like It!)

We always want the best for our family, but reality shows us the challenges of feeding everyone the healthiest of diets. Busy schedules and picky eaters can make mealtime feel like a big hurdle. Let’s approach it from a different angle. Let’s make it an adventure for the whole family and get back to enjoying time with family at dinner.

fruits and vegetables

Trying new fruits and vegetables can become a fun adventure when everyone is involved. Allow each member of the family to choose one produce item at the grocery store that has to be tried by everyone in the family. It’s a great way to explore the variety of produce available at markets today. Together, you can research ideas to prepare or cook it in healthy ways. Then cook it together! Kids especially will be more excited about eating these new, healthy foods if they are a part of the process from start to finish.


LCertified Prevegenics labelook for the Certified Prevegenics label and rest assured that the produce you are feeding your family is packed with the highest amount of nutrients you can find. Prevegenics Nutritionals fertilizers are the best at giving plants the optimal amount of nutrients during the most critical growth stages. This means that applying our liquid fertilizers to the plants are their healthiest at all stages, allowing for the largest fruits, highest yields, and exceptional nutrient density overall. They taste better, too! And that may be the most important factor in getting your family to eat their fruits and veggies.

  • Keep easy, no-prep favorites like berries or baby carrots on hand.
  • Make it a point to gather together to plan and prepare for each week’s meals.
  • Make it easy to eat healthy when you’re away from home. When you’re hungry but stuck at school or the office, your resolve is going to be challenged. Preparing healthy options for the road is crucial to staying on track.
  • Don’t say no to dessert, but rethink your options. Eating fruit for dessert is a great way to cut out common unhealthy bakery items like cookies and cakes.
  • Make a game out of “eating the rainbow” by seeing who can eat the most variety of fruits and vegetables each day.

Developing healthy habits and helping each other eat better together can have lifelong benefits for everyone. You can do it! Prevegenics is behind you all the way.

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