What Role Do Systemic Nutritionals Play in Produce?

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Producing a strong, abundant crop can take a lot of time, money, and resources. Crops have different nutritional requirements during various growth stages. Getting the right rate, at the right time during different growth cycles can be a tricky task for farmers. Some micronutrient deficiencies can be obvious during plant growth, while others can go unobserved until there is poor yield. Differences in soil composition and root health can complicate the proper management of crop health and production. Some plants may not be taking up as much of the essential nutrients through the roots in common soil fertilizer applications. Furthermore, the use of some traditional fertilizers can lower the availability of nutrients in the soil. Systemic nutritionals are an excellent option for growers to gain more control over their fertilizer programs while using fewer resources overall. 

Systemic means the micronutrients applied are water-soluble, can be absorbed by the plant, and can move around in plant tissues. Foliar applied systemic nutritionals are easily absorbed through the leaves and move throughout the plant to correct any deficiencies. Prevegenics systemic nutritionals allow farmers to provide more accurate nutrition to crops. Applying fertilizers will help preventing nutritional deficiencies from the beginning allows plants to grow hearty and provide a larger yield with more nutrient-dense produce at harvest. Being more efficient with the resources available, systemic nutritionals give growers the tools to yield more nutritious produce and use fewer resources to do so. 

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Prevegenics works closely with researchers and growers to study the effects of their products on plant health, yield, and overall nutritional content. Trial results and other studies continue to prove that plants treated with Prevegenics are healthier and more productive, giving farmers higher yields and giving consumers healthier fruits and vegetables. 

Considering micronutrients in every fertilizer program is key in preventing deficiencies and increasing the natural nutritional content of our produce. Prevegenics systemic nutritionals are formulated with HyGrow-Wik Technology™, giving growers the ability to accurately apply the necessary nutrients at the right rate and time. They can target specific growth stages that are integral in the growth and formation of the healthiest fruits and vegetables leading to peak yields and quality overall. Prevegenics is known as the best fertilizer provider for any plants. Foods harvested from Prevegenics treated plants are going to be more robust and nutritious to give you the highest benefits in good health. 

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