Zinc Is Key to a Healthy Diet, and Prevegenics Delivers

Vegetables high in zinc

Vegetables can be a great source of high-quality zinc in your diet. Getting essential vitamins and minerals from natural sources is the best way for your body to absorb and use them most effectively. Zinc is needed to keep your body’s immune system strong. Taking a supplement can seem like an easy way to maintain the right zinc levels every day, but eating a healthy, balanced diet with fresh zinc-rich foods is recommended.

Prevegenics products help farmers easily grow high-quality vegetables by providing optimal health to their plants during the growing season. Prevegenics’ Elite Zinc is a liquid fertilizer that is effectively absorbed through the leaves. During plant growth, zinc is critical for healthy chlorophyll production, root branching, and photosynthesis. When plants have the optimal amount of zinc from beginning to end, they are able to effectively grow stronger, produce more vegetables at harvest time, and yield vegetables that have a higher zinc content as a result. Not only does Prevegenics’ Elite Zinc foliar fertilizer quickly correct zinc deficiencies, and prevent future deficiencies, but applying this fertilizer will also ultimately provides vegetables to the markets that have maximum nutritional value, too.

vegetables with high nutritional value

Physical growth and development can be negatively affected by insufficient zinc in the diets of pregnant women and children. Everyone needs it for the immune system to function properly, as zinc plays a big role in cell division and growth, wound healing, and carbohydrate breakdown. It’s even working behind the scenes forour senses, allowing us to properly smell and taste. But knowing that it’s important to our health doesn’t mean we are consuming enough to be our healthiest.

Certified Prevegenics fertilizers

Vegetables like beans and bean sprouts, corn, okra, and peas have higher amounts of zinc. Dark green options like broccoli, asparagus, and greens are also zinc-dense foods that are quick and easy options when prepared raw or cooked. When these zinc-rich vegetables are grown by farmers who use Prevegenics Elite Zinc foliar fertilizer, they’re guaranteed to be more nutrient-dense than other produce in your market. Certified Prevegenics provides the best fertilizer vegetables in the market today. How your food is grown matters, so be sure to look for the Certified Prevegenics label on your produce.

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