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Foliar Pecan Juice

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Foliar Pecan Juice is a liquid fertilizer blend of zinc, nickel, manganese, and iron.  It is the best fertilizer for pecan trees, as it provides pecan trees with the perfect mix of beneficial nutrients for tree growth and production.  Applying fertilizer will give the right balance of micronutrients that is directly related to the yield and quality of pecans.  That’s why we have developed at home fertilizer Foliar Pecan Juice to feed the tree the nutrients it needs. 

  • Pecans are heavy users of zinc but also use a significant amount of nickel, manganese, and iron
  • Flowering, nut size, and yield are directly related to healthy zinc levels INSIDE the pecan tree.
  • After being applied to the leaves, Foliar Pecan Juice moves throughout the tree, including the roots.
  • Developed for quick absorption into the tree