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General Purpose Garden Oil

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It's time to switch from harmful chemical pesticides to a safer and more sustainable alternative.  Prevegenics General Purpose Garden Oil is a safe and natural food-grade quality, citrus-infused mineral oil used to control pests.  It best fertilizer for plants such as vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and trees. Prevegenics General Purpose Garden Oil is the best fertilizer for those looking to cut down on the use of pesticides in their garden or home environment and has the best fertilizer for grass. 

  • Controls piercing, sucking, and chewing disease-causing insects such as mites, psyllids, whiteflies, etc.
  • Effective on powdery mildew, rust, and more
  • Suitable for fruit and nut trees, berries, vegetables, grasses, and ornamentals
  • Actively protects plants
  • Citrus-infused mineral oil
  • Environmentally safe and safe around pets and humans