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Applying fertilizer will increase your yield and quality of crops without doing any extra work.  KCal is the best fertilizer for house plants! It is the best liquid fertilizer blend of Potassium and Calcium.  It is specially formulated to increase the plant’s yield and quality, as well as significantly improve the plant’s absorption of Nitrogen.  By using Prevegenics KCal your plant will be healthier and will have better fruit and flower quality. It is also the best fertilizer for plant growth.  

  • Increases the mobility of water and nutrients
  • Significantly improves plant’s absorption of nitrogen
  • Enhances photosynthesis
  • Improves root growth of hydroponic plants
  • Enriches plant’s ability to survive environmental stresses
  • Most effective when used in early spring or late fall, but may be used during any growth stage if needed.