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Liquid Compost

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Composting is the best fertilizer and a great way to recycle waste and create nutrient-rich soil for plants. But it's quite a hassle doing all the processes right? Use Prevegenics Liquid Compost fertilizer. It contains mobile microbes, trace minerals, and vitamins which help with nutrient uptake and soil structure because it is the best fertilizer for soil. 

  • Mobile Microbes – Microbes move throughout the soil to allow healthy growth of plants, trees and lawns.
  • Enhance nutrient uptake – Applying Liquid Compost aids in aeration and conservation of water with trace minerals and vitamins which enhances nutrient uptake and allows plants, trees, and lawns to look their best.
  • Healthy Soil Food – Liquid Compost is able to provide proper support to achieve a healthy soil.  With the addition of worm tea, bacteria and fungi is added to the soil to provide soil structure.
  • Great for soil feeding.  Feeds microbes in your soil.

Whether you're new to composting or a seasoned pro, Prevegenics has got you covered. Use the best liquid fertilizer for your plants now!