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MKP (Monopotassium Phosphate)

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Guaranteed Analysis



MKP is the best liquid fertilizer, it is water-soluble phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.  This all-purpose plant food liquid is with a guaranteed analysis of 0-52-34, it is Nitrogen free and is ideal for use when high rates of phosphorous and potassium are needed.

  • Water soluble phosphorus and potassium
  • Can be used dry or dissolved in water
  • Transports water and nutrients
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Increases seed production
  • Apply prior to bloom to give roots added strength needed during a stressful reproduction period
  • Significantly increases size of flower and starch
  • Use early when establishing the root system
  • Apply to grass, shrubs or trees during dormant period

*BOGO50 does not apply to AK, HI