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Mobile Cal-Mag

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Mobile Cal-Mag is the best liquid fertilizer for plant growth, it is formulated to quickly correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants and trees. This all-purpose plant food liquid is developed using aminos acids and is EDTA free. 

  • Calcium is necessary in the formation and growth of cell walls and the uniform development of shoots, leaves and flowers, and contributes to disease resistance.  Calcium deficiency can lead to fruit splitting and poor shelf life.
  • Magnesium serves as the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule, plays an active role in the metabolism of phosphorous, acts as the metabolic regulator and facilities translocation of carbohydrates. Magnesium deficiency can stress the plant and lead to reduced crop yield.
  • Plants grown using grow lights lead to increased photosynthesis, therefore, Cal-Mag can provide the increased demand by the plant.

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