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Opulent Calcium

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Looking best fertilizer for your plants?

Opulent Calcium is a 10% liquid fertilizer developed to move internally throughout the plant, allowing for quick uptake and correction of deficiencies. Complexed with amino acids, it is EDTA free and free of harsh impurities. 

  • Aids in cell division and formation.
  • Contributes to root system development.
  • Encourages erect stems.
  • Aids in prevention of blossom-end rot.
  • Aids in prevention of black heart in celery.
  • Aids in prevention of presence of bitter pit in apples.
  • Aids in prevention of internal tip burn in cabbage.
  • Determinant for plant salt tolerance and confers protective effects on plants growing in sodic soils.

Get the best fertilizer for plant growth, use Opulent Calcium and get great results from your garden!