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Opulent Nickel

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Feeding your plants is not just a job but also a responsibility. Prevegenics Opulent Nickel has been providing the best feed for new turf, roses, and the best fertilizer for plants by formulating feeds that are safe for your plants to consume.

Opulent Nickel is a 12% liquid nickel fertilizer developed to move internally throughout the plant, allowing for quick uptake and correction of deficiencies.  Complexed with amino acids, it is EDTA free and free of harsh impurities. 

  • Corrects nickel deficiency in plants
  • Essential for seed germination
  • Aids in nitrogen metabolism and fixation
  • Aids in disease tolerance
  • Necessary for optimal growth of nodulated legumes
  • Pecans, beans, alfalfa, wheat, barley, citrus, plums, and peaches are most prone to nickel deficiencies  
  • Commercial grade now available to the consumer in a 16 fl oz. bottle