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Soil Life | Grow 'em Big

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Achieve extraordinary growth and bountiful harvests with Grow 'em Big, the ultimate soil enhancer from Prevegenics Soil Life. Formulated with a unique proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi, Grow 'em Big is designed to elevate your gardening and farming endeavors, producing larger, healthier fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Perfect for giant growers and passionate gardeners, this liquid plant food ensures your soil is primed for exceptional yields and stunning floral displays.


Key Benefits:

  • Maximized Nutrient Availability: Facilitates the release and uptake of essential nutrients, leading to substantial increases in plant size and yield.
  • Robust Plant Growth: Encourages vigorous root development and overall plant vitality, ensuring strong and resilient crops.
  • Enhanced Soil Biology: Introduces a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms that improve soil health and plant performance.
  • Natural Growth Promoters: Contains bioactive compounds that stimulate plant growth and enhance flowering and fruiting processes.
  • Improved Flower Quality: Promotes the development of larger, more vibrant flowers with extended bloom periods.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: Safe for all plants, animals, and beneficial insects, with no harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.

Unique Features:

  • Precision Microbial Engineering: Our proprietary blend is specifically engineered to support the growth requirements of a wide variety of plants, ensuring optimal soil conditions for giant growers and gardeners.
  • Dynamic Soil Enhancement: Improves soil texture, aeration, and water retention, creating an ideal growing environment for robust plant development.
  • Long-Lasting Soil Health: Regular use enhances the biological activity in the soil, leading to sustained fertility and productivity over multiple growing seasons.