Liquid Compost Takes Out the Guesswork

best liquid fertilizer for vegetable garden


Fertilizer is abundant in every nursery or home improvement store, meaning it can be hard to know what to use. While there are many similarities among fertilizers, such as typically containing a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds, there are some key differences, too. So how do you know what to choose? 


What makes Prevegenics Liquid Compost stand out above the rest is its unique ability to help your plants use the natural resources already available to them in the soil. Instead of adding loads of extra nutrients to the soil, which could have a multitude of negative effects, Prevegenics Liquid Compost uses what’s already there. 


It works by opening up the channels that allow the plants to take in those nutrients. On top of that, the exclusive formula of Prevegenics Liquid Compost contains trace minerals and vitamins that aid in your plant’s natural absorption ability. You could add material from a compost pile onto your plant beds in order to give them nutrition. However, without the ability to absorb it, that compost won’t do anything for them. 


Since our product opens up the channels for plants to get their nutrition, it also aids in aeration. That means it’s great for keeping lawns looking their best.  


Prevegenics Liquid Compost comes in a liquid form, so it’s great for saving on water. Instead of having to water in fertilizer or mix compost tea, we’ve done the hard part of the job for you. On top of that, you’re getting microbes that move throughout the soil and nourish it while helping to maintain a healthy soil structure. 


Make springtime gardening easy with Prevegenics Liquid Compost. By using our product to open the pathways for plants to gain those nutrients from the soil, our customers are saving on piles of compost or fertilizer and water, all while preventing runoff that could contain too much fertilizer, posing a danger to waterways. Shop Prevegenics Liquid Compost and our other products on our website 

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