Make Sure You Are Absorbing Enough Zinc From Your Vegetables

foods rich in zinc

Meat, dairy, and other animal foods are a great source of essential minerals like zinc. But if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, are supplements the best alternative to meet your daily requirements? Let’s explore what vegetables are rich in zinc to increase your levels naturally and learn how you can be sure you’re getting as much as you think. 

Zinc deficiencies are a common health concern for people following plant-based diets. There are certain vegetables often consumed by vegans that have been proven to limit the absorption of zinc in the body! These include nuts and legumes like beans and lentils, which contain phytates, the compound responsible for inhibiting zinc absorption. Another factor contributing to the lack of zinc uptake is a lack of protein in the diet. Because the main sources of protein for vegans are often legumes and nuts, which contain phytates, this leaves much teetering back and forth between possible nutritional deficiencies. Leavening and fermentation have been shown to increase zinc absorption, which is why foods like tofu and tempeh, made from vegetable zinc sources, help increase zinc absorption. It is recommended that vegans aim for double the Daily Value (DV) of zinc in their diets, 30 milligrams DV, to compensate for these issues. 

Furthermore, adding vegetables high in zinc to your diet is an excellent way to stay in good health and counteract the zinc inhibiting food you may be eating. Zinc is important for optimal function of your immune system, enzyme production, building proteins, and DNA. It promotes healthy skin and nails, improves wound healing, and even helps you keep a good sense of smell! Zinc deficiencies cause a lower immune response, hair loss, estrogen imbalance, and stunted growth in young people. 

 nutritious fruits and vegetables

Spinach is well known for being high in zinc, among other essential minerals. But don’t forget asparagus, corn, broccoli, oats, zucchini, okra, and brown rice are great choices too. Plants treated with liquid foliar fertilizers containing highly soluble nutrients like zinc will produce more nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

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