nutritious fruit and vegetable

Nutrition Is Key During the Pandemic

Making healthy choices when it comes to our eating habits can be one of those ‘easier said than done’ dilemmas. If you have ever been in a discussion about the healthiest foods to buy and eat, or the tastiest ways to make our not so favorite vegetables crave-able, then you know thinking of the best options is doable. But when you throw in all the other life stress factors, like busy schedules and the current COVID pandemic, you may find yourself heading toward an unhealthy quandary of convenience foods and inadequate nutrition. 

During difficult times, people can often feel strong emotions like anxiety and depression. Sometimes these emotional states can trigger unhealthy cravings leading to poor eating habits. The foods we eat are directly connected to our health and mood. The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan details how monitoring your cravings can help in making the best food choices for your overall health. A diet high in sugar may cause meat cravings, while salt cravings could signal a mineral deficiency in the body. Stay strong and healthy by choosing foods full of the essential nutrients we need daily like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. 

nutritious fruit and vegetable

Prevegenics offers the best fertilizers for vegetables and the best fertilizer for plant growth providing consumers with foods that are proven to be more nutritious overall. Prevegenics nutritionals are formulated to target specific growth stages in the plants that grow our foods. By applying Prevegenics fertilizers, they consistently have the right levels of nutrients needed to grow optimally, maximizing plant health, while increasing yields and quality. When farmers are using better nutrition, they can easily grow healthy plants that have less deficiencies and disease. In turn, consumers have access to better quality and highly nutritious fruit and vegetable options that can be easily identified by the bright orange Certified Prevegenics label.

Certified Prevegenics label

Supporting farmers through natural and effective approaches to cultivating the best plant health and yields and working to be more efficient with the resources we already have, is behind the scenes work from Prevegenics that ultimately helps us be our healthiest. 

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