The Science Behind Healthy Eating

eating healthy

We know eating healthy is important to good health, but how often are we actually doing so at every meal?  That side of French fries doesn’t count as a vegetable and processed meats like bacon and sausage are not ideal protein sources. Eating foods that are highly processed, like chips, candy, fried fast food, processed meats, and some breads and cereals, won’t provide great nutritional value to your body. Processed foods are those that have gone through a process to change or preserve it in some way. They are unhealthy options because processed foods are low in important essentials like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals; only providing high amounts of sugar, trans fats, artificial ingredients, and calories. The body usually breaks them down quickly, leading to spikes and dips in energy, leaving you tired and hungry again. Choosing foods that are fresh and natural not only gives you the important essential nutrients to keep you feeling energetic and happy throughout the day but provides enough healthy protein and fiber to keep you feeling full longer. 

A new study from University of Michigan evaluated withdrawal symptoms that people can experience when they stop consuming highly processed foods. Prior studies focused on sugar withdrawal have been conducted in animals, but the information regarding human symptoms in the matter wasn’t reliable. Researchers analyzed data from over 200 adults who reported physical and psychological symptoms when they reduced their intake of highly processed foods in a year span. Participants experienced sadness, irritability, tiredness, and strong cravings during the first two to five days after cutting out highly processed foods, which is similar to drug withdrawal symptoms, as well. 

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Indulging in a guilty pleasure occasionally shouldn’t take you down, but daily poor choices can affect your overall health and energy. Replacing some of your processed food options with fresh and natural foods, like grown fruits and vegetables by Prevegenics , the best all purpose fertilizer provider, is going to keep you feeling your best. Application of fertilizer at planting and choosing produce that has been grown using Prevegenics systemic nutritionals will give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to getting the most essential nutrients in each bite. Make sure you are getting more complete nutrition with Certified Prevegenics best fertilizer for vegetables products. 

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