Remove Grass and Weeds Easily for a New Garden

Removing Freshly Mown Grass

Are you ready for spring gardening? Preparing your garden space in the fall is necessary to have a successful garden, and there is always an easy way to do it. Removing grass and weeds from a new garden space can be as easy as “smothering” the existing grass with newspaper. It is guaranteed that when you prepare your soil before you start planting, surely you will have healthier plants in the spring. Let’s look at how to easily remove grass for a new garden. 

Choose the Best Spot for Your Garden 

Always remember that before you get started clearing a spot for a garden, always make sure to you choose the best spot before you can proceed in choosing the best feed for new turf. Most flowers and vegetables require 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, so be certain to choose a sunny spot. You also needs to be confident that your soil drains well. If it’s soggy, or if water pools there, choose another location. When selecting your spot, also look out for any utility lines buried beneath the ground that could interfere with your progress later on. 

Smother Your Existing Lawn 


After you’ve chosen the perfect place, use newspaper or cardboard to smother your existing lawn and weeds (just make sure not to use glossy magazine paper). Then, you can start by wetting down the area with water and then lay down 1-2 layers of overlapping newspaper or cardboard over the top of that.

You will require plenty paper to completely cover the grass without gaps; this process kills off existing grass and weeds by depriving them of light and oxygen while simultaneously helping condition the soil beneath. Add compost over the top of the paper layers once they are in place; this helps keep everything in place while providing nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes over winter.   

Give Yourself Time 

Your new garden bed needs time to rest before spring planting—it takes several months for any type of smothering technique to fully work its magic. If any sprouts start growing during this time, don’t worry, just give them another layer of newspaper or cardboard until they stop popping up again. For best results, wait until early spring before starting your new garden bed in earnest; this gives your soil time to rest after all that hard work.

By taking some time in the fall to prepare your soil, for a new garden bed with smothering techniques like newspaper or cardboard layers topped with compost, you can save yourself major headaches come springtime when planting season begins. Prevegenics Liquid Compost is a great way to recycle waste as it is an excellent source of nutrients and can help to improve soil structure. In doing so, don’t forget to use the best fertlizers for soil from Prevegenics. Applying fertilizers from Certified Prevegenics products provides the best fertilizers for vegetables and fruits.

Not only does smothering help kill existing grasses and weeds while conditioning your soil but it also gives you plenty of time between fall and late winter/early spring when you can plan out what kind of plants you want in your garden without having to do much work on site yet. So get planning now, and happy gardening!

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